HER Resiliency Center (HER) supports all women, and serves women ages 18-25, regardless of race, class, and background. HER encapsulates a multilateral, holistic, and individualized approach – which is needed when combating substance use, homelessness, and survival sex. No two situations are identical and HER recognizes recovery, healing, and empowerment is an individualized journey.

Where We Serve

HER serves young women in the Washington, DC area and Baltimore City.

To become apart of the HER community, call our hotline at 1-844-4HERNOW or email us at

These are HER stories.

  • The job interview is in 20 minutes and your bus never came. You’re worried about whether the driver will even let you on because your SmarTrip card has -$0.50 on it. The shoes you got from Martha’s Outfitters don’t match the suit your sister gave you. The voice in your head starts to say, “You’re gonna blow it anyway. What’s the point?” Your ex drives by with his boys and tells you they’re going to The Boulevard and he’ll pay for you to see the movie.
  • You are 22 and living with your mother. She took you back when you aged out of foster care, and lets you sleep on the couch. She threatens to kick you out every day because you can’t pay rent, but all the places you’ve looked for a job say, “We’ll get back to you.” You’re scared of ending up on the street, but wonder if it could be any worse than living with 6 other people in this one-bedroom apartment.
  • He sends you a text, asking if you’re available tonight. You wash your hair and put your makeup on in the bathroom at Starbucks. You don’t want to sleep with him, but know it’s the only way you can pay to stay at the hotel another night. You smile in the mirror, practicing what it might feel like to be happy one day.

We are here to help you write a different ending.

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Washington, DC: 5614 Connecticut Ave NW #164, Washington, DC 20015

Baltimore: 36 S. Charles Street Baltimore, MD 21201 Suite 2308 | 202-643-7831

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