HER uses a person centered approach. Each participant is a peer and equal partner in the organization. At HER, staff and peers are on a first name basis, creating an inviting environment of trust, warmth, and community.

We use a trauma informed approach because we know treatment and recovery goes beyond just addressing the physical wound. Healing, no matter the circumstance, is always individualized.


HER is about a community environment, not a clinical facility.

We provide side-by-side guidance to peers to help them build sustainability through:

  • Identification of realistic housing options.
  • Referrals for mental health and substance abuse treatment.
  • Enrollment in appropriate temporary benefits such as Medicaid, food stamps, and WIC.
  • Evaluation of choices for educational and vocational training.
  • Training for the peers to become mentors once they have completed 18 months of the 24-month program.

While we recognize the need for therapeutic services, we know traditional talk therapy can be triggering. That is why we offer a range of alternative methods including:

  • Somatic Experiencing – a body and sensation based therapy focusing on unresolved traumatic experience.
  • Trauma Informed Yoga
  • Mindfulness

Our approach gives peers ownership of their future and helps them develop a sense of pride and love for their lives, on their own terms.

By showing peers compassion and respect, and teaching them life skills, HER helps them become self-sufficient and productive members of the community.

HER provides coaching to peers on applying for jobs, filing the FAFSA and self-empowerment. We also teach life skills from an evidence-based curriculum on sexual health, money management, nutrition, staying safe in the community, and home care.

Peers have choices at HER and we want to hear their voices. In time, we will implement a senior peer advisory board. The “Senior Peer Advisory Board” gives peers a platform to share their input on HER culture and ways to make us more effective.

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