Thom Kozik

As VP of Loyalty, Thom Kozik leads the transformation of Marriott International’s approach to customer engagement across both online and mobile customers, and at more than 6,000 hotels in 120 countries globally. In his 25+ years with companies such as Microsoft, Yahoo, and Atari, as well as numerous startups he held executive roles in Marketing, Business Development, and Product Development. His core focus has been the behavioral economics and psychology of customers and online audiences in particular, and the ways in which to maximize the value of the customer lifetime journey.

Thom’s experience with non-profit and charitable organization ranges from his executive role at The X-Prize Foundation, to fundraising for various local organizations during his years in Seattle, and Los Angeles, being instrumental in shifting Microsoft’s internal employee donation model, all the way through to founding “Instruments of Peace” in 2013 — an organization dedicated to building a music conservatory in Kinshasa, DR Congo in partnership with the Ochestra Symphonique Kimbaguiste — a 200 person, self-taught symphony orchestra and choir.

He currently resides in Bethesda, MD, has toured 4 continents from the back of a motorcycle, and is an avid skier and scuba diver.


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