Jerome “Rome” Holloway

Administrative Assistant/Outreach Associate

Jerome “Rome” Holloway doesn’t just talk the talk, he brings his lived experiences to HER’s efforts through his key role on the outreach team. Rome is a Baltimore native who encountered HER Resiliency Center through HER Founder Natasha while he was working a squeegee at a busy intersection in SW Baltimore.

He is absolutely driven by his passion for supporting others and that shows up every day in the work. Rome is a leader in HER’s outreach efforts, as he is dedicated to supporting youth and creating opportunities for housing, growth, happiness and to the often vexing quest for alternatives to keep youth out of trouble. He believes in HER’s mission and wants to bring the work to other major cities to share the opportunities he has found here. Working with HER in Baltimore and DC is mutual privilege because of what Rome brings to the team.


This Is What Resiliency Looks Like

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