George Hemphill

Vice Chair

George Hemphill’s career in the arts spans more than 40 years, beginning with a teaching position at the Atlanta College of Arts. Since moving to Washington, DC in 1979, George has been an influential member of the local arts community.

George is a founding member of the boards of directors for both the District of Columbia Arts Center and FotoWeek DC. He established the fine art department for the Middendorf Gallery, which he went on to direct. In 1991, George established Hemphill Fine Arts (HEMPHILL), offering art advisory services to corporate and private collectors. Two years later, HEMPHILL opened a gallery featuring the work of emerging artists, contemporary artists, and modern masters. Since 1998, HEMPHILL has hosted a series of lectures called Art Talks, which showcase conversations with artists, collectors, and curators as well as topics in contemporary art. HEMPHILL offers its audience a broad range of aesthetic experiences. It also offers collectors and art lovers the opportunity to be directly involved in the artists’ community as well as the creative process. George has helped to build many of the most significant corporate and private collections in the area.

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City Paper Marie Claire WUSA9

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