Eugia “Gia” Johnson

Skills & Strengths Facilitator, Baltimore

Eugia “Gia” Johnson is native of Baltimore City, and now serves as HER Resiliency Center’s first Baltimore office staff, and Skills & Strengths Facilitator. Gia has been working with nonprofits for over 30 years. Growing up in foster care until age 12, Gia started learning early about some of the changes already needed in her life.

In her early 20s she met her first husband who turned out to be a drug dealer. Gia quickly became entered into a world of addiction and life began to spiral. This spiral included losing her reasons for living, her young daughters. In 2000 Gia decided to change the people, places and things in her life and moved to Northern Virginia. It was with this change that she was able to stop her addiction and gain meaningful employment that allowed her to demonstrate her many talents. In 2010 an unforeseen illness made it necessary for Gia to return to her home of Baltimore. Strong enough to survive this change, Gia is still clean from a cocaine and heroin addiction.

Gia was honored to have the opportunity to enter into a healthy relationship and remarry in 2016 to her dream husband. Gia’s motto is “Compliment at least one person a day.” You never know who needs it. Gia believes we are all family. “You don’t have to be blood to be a family!”

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