Elizabeth Kucinich

For over a decade, Prof. Elizabeth Kucinich has been a powerful advocate in Washington, D.C. working with domestic and international organizations, members of Congress and their staffs, to advance sustainable and regenerative, science and integrity-based policies.

Drawing from her extensive experience working inside the U.S. political system, paired with a sincere desire and international reputation for working to bring social, economic, health, agricultural and ecological systems into balance, Elizabeth works to strengthen the institutional capacity of organizations that support these goals.

A Professor at Coventry University in the UK, Elizabeth serves on the Vice Chancellor’s advisory council and is a board director for several other notable organizations including, Board Policy Chair for the Rodale Institute, the oldest organic research institute in America, est. 1947; and UNRWA USA, a charity supporting the UN agency who provide for the extensive humanitarian needs of Palestine refugees. She was a founding board member of J/P HRO, Sean Penn’s Haitian relief organization.

Elizabeth has produced two award-winning environmental documentaries, GMO OMG and Hot Water. She presents and leads panels in the United States and internationally on the critical role of ecologically based systems ‘appreciative’ thinking, the adoption of integrated industrial processes, monetary reform, the circular economy, agroforestry and plant-forward lifestyles for health, conflict prevention, national security and climate change mitigation.

Elizabeth has been engaged in many humanitarian and international endeavors. Prior to coming to America in 2005, Elizabeth worked for the Mission to Seafarers, lived and worked in the bush in Tanzania with a subsitance farming community for 16 months as a VSO volunteer; she worked for 3 months in a Missionaries of Charity home in Agra, India and helped establish an education project for ‘untouchable’ (Dalit) children in a village near the Taj Mahal. She also worked as a volunteer refugee support worker with the Red Cross in London, visited detained asylum seekers as a volunteer with LDSG and wrote letters for many years to prisoners on death row as part of, Human Writes.

Elizabeth and her husband, former Congressman Dennis Kucinich, live in Ward 7.


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