Dr. Stefanie Bloom, Ed.D, MA

Skills & Strengths Facilitator

What excites me most about working with HER is the opportunity to work with an organization that recognizes the need to build a supportive community based on the idea that love can be on full display without regard to race, ethnicity, income or how or where you live. Love being defined as a state of compassion, care and a significant desire for a good outcome.

Skills & Strengths Facilitator, Washington, DC

Dr. Stefanie Bloom is an Adjunct Professor at Rowan University in the Department of Health and Exercise Science. She has been teaching in the field of wellness promotion, stress management and positive psychology for 10 years.

Over the years, Stefanie’s work has focused on reducing health disparities for minority populations including work with LGBTQ youth. Currently Stefanie is advocating for the need for more community discussions about mental health and suicide prevention in the field of health.

Stefanie uses her extensive background in behavioral medicine when engaging and supporting the young women at HER Resiliency Center. Stefanie inherently knows and understands two of the most basic but often overlooked needs: the need to be heard and the need to feel valued.

In her role at HER, Stefanie brings her expertise in supporting vulnerable young women who have struggled to voice their story in a space that is safe, where women feel respected, and most importantly, a space where the young women feel valued.

Stefanie strongly believes that everyone can flourish if given the opportunity.

Stefanie’s goal is to develop a coaching relationship with the vulnerable young women she supports, in order to make an impact on their overall life satisfaction and well-being. She believes in empowering the young women at HER to “design a life” that is fulfilling and meaningful to them.

Through the coaching relationship, Stefanie supports the young women in finding their own empowerment to be the best they can be without apologizing for who they are!

Dr. Bloom holds an Ed.D degree in Health Education from Temple University and an MA degree in School Counseling as well as an independent MA degree from George Washington University. She is also a national board-certified Health and Wellness Coach; and has also received continuing education in positive neuroscience and continues to add to her breadth of knowledge and experience in human flourishing.


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