Former Congressional Staffer Shares Secret

This week, she’s launching a non-profit called HER Resiliency Center. It will help young women 18 to 25 years old get housing, healthcare, education and employment. I’m the most proud and the most free I’ve ever been in my life,” Guynes said. “HER Resiliency Center is the best thing I’ve ever done.”She’s assembling an office

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From Sex Worker to Hill Staffer – Roll Call

“Drink a beer, smoke a joint. But lay off the crack, it will rot your teeth.” That was the advice Natasha Guynes remembers receiving from her estranged father while she was high on crack and cocaine. At only 20 years old, Guynes had wanted to get as far away as possible from her family in

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This Is What Resiliency Looks Like

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